RedAppleNet Oficce - Underground Version -

Updated: Mar 24, 2021

This is CC heavy version of RedAppleNet Venue. This is an underground version of the lot, filthy and rundown. The studio itself is in the basement and shop upstair is just a front. Great place if you want to roleplay a more edgy story for your Sim.

You need 'RedAppleNet' mod for this venue to function as a workplace.


Extract files from the .zip file.

Put files in the Tray folder into your Tray folder which can be found at Documents » Electronic Arts » The Sims 4 » Tray.

Put all .package files into your Mods folder.

Open the Gallery and select the My Library. Look for Advanced menu and make sure that the Include Custom Content box has a check mark.

Find the lot and place it in world from the Build Mod and don't forget to enable bb.moveobjects cheet before placing!

Make sure that lot type of the venue is RedAppleNetOffice and venue is complete.

Thanks to all creators whose CC I used! I list all names and links below.


Get to Work

Get Together

City Living

Cats & Dogs

Spa Day

Huge Dildo Set By Podyssey

Sex Toy: Clutter Set by Noir

Dumpster by [Blackmojitos]

neon_double trouble by domi

Bad Dragon Cum Lube By MiniGiles

Sex Toy Fleshlight By Noir


Vega office by Severinka

URBAN ART - Black Queens by simtember

LiS Rachel Makeup by vamp

Bakery Doors by Veranka –

DJ's Laptop by Veranka

Osmium Mirror by Wondymoon|TSR

BrokenStove by yourdorkbrains

Featureless Fiberglass Door by amoebae

Bloomingville Planter by AnYe

Mystery Spot Supernatural posters By VIOLABLU

Bag Clutter by ATS4

Baking Clutter by ATS4

Bar Drinks by ATS4

Breakfast by ATS4

Freeze deco by ATS4

Funeral Parlor by ATS4

Janitor by ATS4

Japanese Food by ATS4

Newsstand by ATS4

Beers of the World by ATS4

Slob Life by ATS4

Vending Machine by ATS4

Bondage Devices by Azmodsn22

WheeledTrashBin by BrazenLotus

BRIE Bedroom Decor set by RightHearted

BuffSumm Industry Window by BuffSumm

Newsstand by budgie

DreckFleck für Böden by Blackys Sims Zoo

Hängelampe Shine by Blackys Sims Zoo

Vergammeltes Klosett Shine by Blackys Sims Zoo

Bare Bulb Flush Mesh by DOT

Bjorn Birch Steel Ceiling Fan Tall Wall by Dox

HL2Floor2 by Granny Zaza

HARRIE Heritage Traditional Coffee Table by by harrie


Vintage Smoke Alarm by Daer0n

Clutter by Josie LIS2

kardofe_Cookware_Toilet roll holder by kardofe

k-floor-pave014 by k-hippie

K Simple Door Metal by k-hippie

Kilburn Bedroom – Calender by pyszny

Dirty ventilation fan by kimu412

Cleaning Car by leosims

Makeup Bag Rc by leosims

Mari Food Packages by leosims

Old Trash Bin by leosims

Urban Wall Photos by leosims

loveseat Crates by mammut

smudge 1 wall by mammut

Spot Léon par MangoSims. By Mango-Sims

Yoga Class Decal by Martine

MINC7878-MXIMS AJ Design Letters D by Minc-MXIMS

Bath deco by Simply Styling